How to earn money from Internet

How to make money online?

Most of the Internet users today come with a common question, “How to make money online?” but only few of them get correct answer. Making money online depends upon the amount of time you spend on Internet, your work skills, communication power, ability to work in a team, and areas of interest. There are varieties of sites, which offers online works.  I will be discussing few of the ways to make money from Internet. Some the basic and most important facts about online working sites to make money are focused in this article.

Working areas: Your working areas determine the amount of money you make from online works. Today’s high paid Internet works includes software development, web design, web development, web application, database management, internet marketing, SEO works, data entry works, blogging, advertisement, etc. First of all you need to define your area of interest.

Punctuality: ‘A man without patience is a lamp without oil.” Have patience while working online. First of all you need to build your good portfolio and work experience. So, in the beginning, you may not get high paid jobs. Some, works like, SEO, blogging, tariff collection requires lots of patience.

Communication skills: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” You should be able to share your intention and express your ideas with short description. It is said that you have only few minutes to catch your potential customers attention by your letter. If you have poor documents like cover letter, proposal, or resume, your application might not be considered. The better is your communication skill; the better you will be at online working. The best thing to start for online working is to start improving your technical English. Google, “How to improve your technical English?” You should have sound knowledge of “How to write killer proposal?”, “How to make professional resume?”, “How to write good cover letter?”, “How to improve interview skills?” etc.

Genuine online working sites: There are thousands of website on Internet offering online works ranging from thousand dollar works to few cents. Remember, not all the sites are genuine. In fact, there are more scam website than genuine online work providing sites. Some of the tested online workings sites are listed below:
·       oDesk: oDesk is one the award winning company with a global market place that works by hiring and managing remote workers. To work on oDesk, you need to create your own professional profile, give exams and apply for the jobs showing a professional cover letter and work experience. You can not only find works there but also can also start your own agency and hire others to work for you. You can find wide areas of expertise including web engineering, software development, writing, graphics design and administrative support.

·     Freelancers’ sites: It is also similar to oDesk. Some of the other websites similar to these are Guru, VWorkers, Elance etc.

·       How to make money from advertising: To make money from Google adsense you need to have a website or a blog. Just sign into go Google adsense account, and fill up the forms. If your website has unique content and finished building, your application will get approved. Once, approved, you will have access to ads. You place those ads on your website or blog. If users clicks on the website, you get paid.

How to make money with infolinks: Infolinks are one of the paying sites for displaying text ads. If you have infolinks account, you will get text ads, and that is placed in your articles. If any person clicks on the text ads, you get paid. These are great site that provides ads for all the websites. Just sign in and earn.

·       How to make money with PTC sites: There are different PTC sites where you can sign in and click on ads. You get few cents per click. Some of the neobux, buxp, onbux, palmbux, clixSense etc
·       How to make money with survey sites: If you have time, and if you can fill survey forms, you can make online money. Getting paid for filling survey forms can be fun. I am sure you want to start online money with sites like these. Just go to online survey sites and register yourself and start earning. There are several sites that pay for their survey.

·       How to make money with micro websites: There are different sites that provide small works like sign up, like the facebook page etc. Some of famous sites includes microworkers, digg, minuteworkers, etc

·       How to make money with Working on and is very easy. Just sign up for free and start selling your items. It is similar with

·       How to make money with a website: If you have a complete website with unique content, you can make money with it. The usual way is placing ads from Google adsense, infolinks, bidVertiser, and other services. If your website ranks good in Google, you can get ads from different agencies. Also, if you can make website, offering some special features or service, you can start paid members.

·       How to make money with you tube: Making money with you tube is very fun and easy. Just make your own videos that can entertain or provide useful information to the user. Increase your likes and subscriber. Once, you have sufficient amount of user likes and subscriber you can apply for you tube partnership. Once, approved, you can get you ads for your videos. You tube ads works with Google adsense.

·       How to make money as data entry operator: Data entry works are found in many freelancing sites like oDesk, freelancer, elance etc. You will be required to copy data from PDF to word or excel, copy data from websites or other sources. There are many forms of data entry works like medical transcriptions, surveys, etc.

In nutshell, there are various ways to work online and earn money. What matters is how much time you can spend on Internet, your working areas and communication skills. Just follow the above tips and start working on any sites according to your areas of interest. I wish you all the best on online works.

Suresh KUMAR Mukhiya


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