Spotlight on Oracle

The Fastest Way to Find and Fix Performance Bottlenecks

Spotlight on Oracle provides visual, real-time diagnostics, so you can quickly eliminate bottlenecks in Oracle and Oracle RAC environments. And because Spotlight helps you save time finding and fixing performance issues, you can reduce downtime and IT costs. Show your boss the improvements you can make and the corresponding ROI you can achieve with Spotlight on Oracle.

With Spotlight, you can:
  • Pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks quickly
  • Prevent or minimize unplanned downtime
  • Improve service levels for users and stakeholders
  • Increase knowledge of Oracle performance
  • Gain visibility into database processes — including RAC (node, cluster, interconnect)
  • Real-Time Diagnostics — See graphical flows that illustrate the rate at which data moves between components. Get audio or visual alerts of potential bottlenecks if any component begins to exceed performance thresholds. Extend the ability to play back past instances.
  • Enhanced Top SQL Drilldown — Get a consolidated view of SQL statements to identify those consuming the most resources.
  • Analyze Trace Files — Gain a graphical view of the contents of Oracle trace files to see how Oracle is processing SQL statements and how resources are being used to execute those statements.
  • Troubleshooting Instance — Leverage a baseline for normal activity from a built-in calibration process. Set up thresholds and get warnings of impending problems from visual or audible alerts.
  • Alert Log Reader — Read a chronological list of messages and errors that have occurred in the Oracle database, offering quick identification of areas to fix.
  • Diagnostics for Unix, Linux and Windows OS — See real-time graphic displays of the flow of data in your Unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems to get diagnostics on the server OS.
  • Predictive Diagnostics — Predict future performance of individual SQL statements. These include increases in contention that might result in database performance degradation if current trends continue and prediction of optimum system resource requirements via performance modeling.
  • Diagnostics for RAC Infrastructure — View an aggregate of performance data across all instances of the cluster. See a consolidated view of cluster-level alarms.
  • Dataguard Diagnostics — Monitor and measure performance of Dataguard, including data latency and all data flows and processes.


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