Compare and Contrast between Peer to Peer Network and Client Server Network

Peer-to-Peer Networks vs Client/Server Networks
Peer-to-Peer Networks
Client/Server Networks
·  Easy to set up
·  More difficult to set up
·  Less expensive to install
·  More expensive to install
·  Can be implemented on a wide range of operating systems
·  A variety of operating systems can be supported on the client computers, but the server needs to run an operating system that supports networking
·  More time consuming to maintain the software being used (as computers must be managed individually)
·  Less time consuming to maintain the software being used (as most of the maintenance is managed from the server)
·  Very low levels of security supported or none at all. These can be very cumbersome to set up, depending on the operating system being used
·  High levels of security are supported, all of which are controlled from the server. Such measures prevent the deletion of essential system files or the changing of settings
·  Ideal for networks with less than 10 computers
·  No limit to the number of computers that can be supported by the network
·  Does not require a server
·  Requires a server running a server operating system
·  Demands a moderate level of skill to administer the network
·  Demands that the network administrator has a high level of IT skills with a good working knowledge of a server operating system


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