What are the steps requried for desining an ASP based application?

The steps required for designing an ASP based application are listed below:
1.       Creating the design requirements
2.       Creating the user interface
3.       Writing source code for the ASP .NET page
4.       Testing the ASP.NET web page

Step 1: Creating the design requirements

 While developing software, based on ASP application we need to decide, what is the purpose of developing it along with its features and functionalities. For this, we should list out the requirements and features of software like
·         Resources consumption
·         Information about users
·         Planning activities
·         Software feasibility

Step 2: Creating the user interface

The next step after collection of design requirements is creating user interface. User interface (UI) maintains the user interaction with the application. Inputs and outputs from the user are synchronized in this phase. UI is the HTML portion of ASP.NET web page. It includes adding needed web controls to the ASP.NET web page. Web controls like textbox, button, checkbox etc can be used for inputs and label can be used for output. Validation technologies can also be applied in this phase.

Step 3: Writing the source code for ASP.NET web page

After completion of HTML portion of our ASP.NET web page, source code will be next step. Source code will read the user’s inputs, performs necessary computation and provides output. Source code includes reading values from web controls like textbox or when some event triggers, displaying outputs, page loading etc. Source code can be written in any scripting language like JScript, VBScript, JavaScript etc.

Step 4: Testing the ASP.NET web page

Testing is done in order to check whether developed web page works as per need of user or not.
It is done simply by taking some inputs and visualizing the outputs. Then output is matched with user requirements and deviation is calculated. Further deviation is reduced by reanalyzing the steps.
ASP page
ASP  Page


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