What are the roles of data warehouse manager?


-Overall responsibility for the data warehouse.

-Defines and plans the project.

-Creates a schedule.

-Recruits the best possible team.

-Coordinates the team activities.

-Estimates the cost and benefits.

-Acts as a quality reviewer of the deliverables.

-Produces or ensures the production of project deliverables.

-Measures the costs and benefits.

-Makes improvement recommendations.

-Communicates with sponsor, IT management.

-Collects data inputs from a variety of sources, including legacy operational systems, third-party data suppliers, and informal sources.

-Assures the quality of these data inputs by correcting spelling, removing mistakes, eliminating null data, and combining multiple sources

-Applies broad data stewardship over the nature of the published data and assures the use of conformed dimensions and facts across the disparate data marts (which can be thought of as separate publications).

-Releases the data from the data staging area to the individual data marts on a regular schedule.

-Relies on and respects the trust of the end users.

-Is named prominently on the organizational chart to serve as a clear communication as to where the buck stops.

-Is driven by the continuously changing business requirements of the organization and the increasingly available sources of data.

-Is driven by rapidly changing media technologies, especially the current Internet revolution .

-Is very aware of the business significance of the data warehouse and consciously "captures" and takes credit for the business decisions made as a result of using the data warehouse.


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