What is difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller?

The difference between Microprocessor and Micro-controllers are tabulated below:




Hardware architecture
Microprocessor is a single-chip CPU

Microcontrollers contains, in a singles IC, a CPU and much of remaining circuitry of a complete microcomputer system, like RAM, ROM,a serial interface, a parallel interface, timer, and interrupt scheduling circuitry all within in the same IC.
Microprocessors are most commonly used as the CPU in microcomputer systems. They are suited to processing information in computer systems.

Microcontrollers are found in small,
minimum-component designs control-oriented activities.
They are suited to control of I/O devices in designs requiring minimum component count.
Instruction set features
Instruction sets are processing intensive  implying they have powerful addressing  modes with instructions catering to operations on large volumes of data. Their instructions operate on bytes, words and double words. Addressing modes provide access to large arrays of data, using address pointers and offset.

Microcontrollers have instruction sets catering to the control of inputs and outputs.
Microcontrollers have instructions to set and clear individual bits and perform other bit- oriented operations such as logically ANDing, ORing or XORing bits.
The instructions are highly compact. The majority of instructions are implemented in a single byte.
8086, 80286 . . .

8048, 8051 . . .


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