What is a process? What are attributes of a process?

A process is one or more threads of execution that exist in a single virtual memory space. A process has it's own set of file descriptors, virtual memory space, timekeeping data, etc.

1. a program in execution
2.an instance of running program
3. an owner of the resource allocated to program execution
4. a task or a job
5. en-compass one or more threads

Attribute of a process:

  • Address Space
  • Open files - (could be argued are part of  resources)
  • Process ID
  • Process Group
  • Parent Process
  • signals etc.

Attributes of  threads:

  • Scheduling Parameters
  • Registers
  • Program Counter
  • Program Status Word
  • Stack Pointer
  • Thread state

If the OS does not support multi-threaded applications, then thread attributes become process attributes.


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