What is simulation? What are the steps in simulation?

In the simple word, we can consider simulation as the imitation of the real world system. It is regarded as the process of constructing the model of the real world system that represent the relevant information from the system.

This model is prepared after the deep study and analysis of the real world system and can be used for the purpose of either deep study and understanding of the system or implementation of certain strategies.

The steps in simulation can be shown as follows

1. Start
2. Formulate problem and plan the study
3. Collect data and define the model
4. If conceptual model is not valid then goto step 3
i. Construct computer program and verify
ii. Make pilot runs
iii. If programmed model is not valid then goto step 4
i. Design experiment
ii. Make production runs
iii. Analyze output data
iv. Documentation, Presentation and Report
v. Stop


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