Distinguish between circuit switching and packet switching.

The major differences between circuit switching and packet switching are listed below;

Circuit Switching

  1. Circuit switching requires dedicated connection during transmission of data.
  2. Data is transferred continously over the dedicated path and results in reservation of bandwidth.
  3. Advance circuit setup is requried before data transmission.
  4. All data that are to be transmitted follow same path.
  5. Data are recieved in same order as they are sent.
  6. Circuit swithching provides guranted services that is once data is sent , it will be surely received.
         Example of circuit switching is PSTN.

Fig: Circuit Switching

Packet Switching

  1. Packet switching doesn't require any advanced setup before data transmission. Packets of data are send in some order.
  2. Packets may follow different path as no dedicated path are asssigned.
  3. Packets of data can arrive in any order.
  4. Packet switching have the advantages like fault tolerance, redundant, efficiency etc.
  5. Packets can be stored at any point and transmitted later.
  6. Packet loss may occur as it can't provide guranted services.
         Example of Packet switching services are UDP and TCP.
Fig: Packet Switching
Fig: Packet Switching


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