What are Processors and Resources?

Every job is executed by the operating system on a processor and may depend on some   resources. 

A processor, P, is an active component on which jobs scheduled. For example:

1. Threads scheduled on a CPU
2. Data scheduled on a transmission link
3. Read/write requests scheduled to a disk
4. Transactions scheduled on a database server etc
–  Each processor has a speed attribute which determines the rate of progress a job makes toward completion

 May represent instructions-per-second for a CPU, bandwidth of a network, etc.
–  Two processors are of the same type if they are functionally identical and can be used interchangeably

  A resource, R, is a passive entity upon which jobs may depend

–  E.g. memory, sequence numbers, mutexes, database locks, etc.

–  Resources have different types and sizes, but do not have a speed attribute

–  Resources are usually reusable, and are not consumed by use


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