List the criteria on the basis of which data structures used in language processing can be classified.

  The data structures used in language processing can be classified on the following criterion:
1. Nature of a data structure-whether a linear or nonlinear data structure. A linear data structure consists of a linear arrangement of elements in memory and elements require a contiguous area of memory. The elements of a non-linear data structure are accessed using pointers and hence the elements need not occupy contiguous areas of memory. 

2. Purpose of a data structure-whether a search data structure or an allocation data structure. Search data structures are used during language processing to maintain attribute information concerning different entities in the source program. Allocation data structures are characterized by the fact that the user of that entity knows the address of the memory area allocated to an entity thus no search operations are conducted on them. 

3. Lifetime of a data structure-whether used during language processing or during target program execution.


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