What are the characteristics of website?

A good website should have following general characteristics:
  • Appearance
  • Content
  • Functionality
  • Website Usability
  • SEO


A website should be visually appealing, polished and skilled. Remember, it's reflective your company, your product and your services. Your web site is also the primary, and only, impression a possible client receives of your company.

An attractive {site|website|web website} is much additional possible to get a positive impression and keep guests on your site once they arrive. As businesses massive and little still populate the online, your challenge is to draw in and keep users' attention. ideas like this ar what PR professionals listen to stay their businesses undefeated.


sensible use of color: Associate in Nursing acceptable colour scheme can contain two or three primary colours that mix well and build a correct mood or tone for your business. do not exaggerate the colour, because it will distract from the written content.

Text that's simply scan: the foremost simply read combination is black text on a white background, however several alternative color mixtures ar acceptable if the distinction is among Associate in Nursing acceptable vary. Use fonts that ar straightforward to scan and ar found on most of today's pc systems. counting on your audience. Keep font size for paragraph text between ten and twelve pts.

purposeful graphics: Graphics ar vital, as they lend visual selection Associate in Nursingd attractiveness to an otherwise boring page of text. However, do not over-use them, and check that that add that means or context to your written content. Don’t overload anybody page with quite three or four pictures.

Quality photography: a straightforward thanks to increase visual attractiveness is to use top quality photography. top quality product pictures ar particularly vital for on-line retailers.

Simplicity: Keep it easy and permit for adequate white area. unlittered layouts enable viewers to target your message. do not overload your web site with to a fault advanced style, animation, or alternative effects simply to impress your viewers.


Along with vogue, your website should have substance. bear in mind that your audience is searching for data which will facilitate them create a choice, therefore it ought to be informative and relevant. Use this chance to extend visitant confidence in your company's data and competency.

    Short and arranged copy: Clearly label topics and break your text up into tiny paragraphs. do not bore your guests with visually overwhelming text. you have but ten seconds to hook your guests, therefore grab their attention by being clear, elliptical and compelling.
    Update your content regularly: nobody likes to scan a similar issue over and another time. Dead or static content won't bring guests back to your site!
    Speak to your visitors: Use the word you the maximum amount as potential. Minimize the employment of I, we and us.
 think about a pro: Unless you’re AN particularly smart author, think about employing knowledgeable to write down or edit your text content. a decent writing resource is the way to Write for the online.


Every element of your website ought to work quickly and properly. Broken or poorly made elements can solely leave your guests pissed off and disenchanted together with your company. Across the spectrum, everything ought to work evidently, together with hyperlinks, contact forms, website search, event registration, and so on.

Error-free copy: bear in mind the exposure your web site can get. ensure your facts and figures, as you do not understand WHO could also be quoting you tomorrow. Nor does one need to be recognized or remembered for typos, incorrect synchronic linguistics and punctuation, or misspellings. orthography mistakes and dangerous synchronic linguistics square measure as unpardonable on a web site as they're in alternative company materials.


A critical, however typically unnoticed element of a prosperous web site is its degree of usability. Your website should be simple to scan, navigate, and perceive. Some key usability components include:

    Simplicity: the most effective thanks to keep guests affixed to your website is thru valuable content, smart organization and enticing style. Keep your website easy and well organized.

    Fast-loading pages: A page ought to load in twenty seconds or less via dial-up; at over that, you will lose over half your potential guests.

 nominal scroll: this can be significantly vital on the primary page. produce links from the most page to scan a lot of a couple of specific topic. Even the Search Engines can reward you for this behavior.

    Consistent layout: website layout is very vital for usability. Use a regular layout and repeat bound components throughout the location.

    Prominent, logical navigation: Place your menu things at the highest of your website, or higher than the fold on either facet. Limit your menu things to ten or fewer. Remember, your guests square measure during a hurry -- do not create them seek for data.

    Descriptive link text: Usability testing shows that long link text makes it a lot of easier for guests to seek out their method around a website. Long, descriptive link text is favored by Search Engines, too. Back links square measure vital to administer users a way of direction and to stay them from feeling lost. Use a website map, and breadcrumbs, if necessary.

    Cross-platform/browser compatibility: totally different|completely different} browsers typically have different rules for displaying content. At a minimum, you must check your website within the latest versions of net someone (currently, versions eight and 9), furthermore as Firefox and campaign.

    Screen Resolution: Screen resolution for the standard laptop monitor continues to extend. Today, the common net natator uses a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. However, you wish to create certain that what appearance smart at this setting also will work nicely for alternative resolutions.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

There square measure many rules and tips for effective programme improvement, and this is not the place to hide all. For starters, follow these easy rules:

  •  embrace lots of written content in hypertext mark-up language format. do not use Flash, JavaScript or image-only objects for your direction things.
  •  Use your vital keywords ofttimes and fittingly in your copy.
  •  Minimize the employment of tables and use Cascading vogue Sheets for layout and positioning; keep your hypertext mark-up language code clutter-free.
  •  Leverage your links -- create them descriptive and use your keywords within the link text


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