What are the Foundations of AI?

Logic, reasoning, mind as a physical system, foundations of learning, language and rationality.
 Where does knowledge come from?
 How does knowledge lead to action?
 How does mental mind arise from physical brain?
 Can formal rules be used to draw valid conclusions?
Formal representation and proof algorithms, computation, undecidability, intractability, probability.
 What are the formal rules to draw the valid conclusions?
 What can be computed?
 How do we reason with uncertain information?
Adaptation, phenomena of perception and motor control.
 How humans and animals think and act?
Formal theory of rational decisions, game theory, operation research.
 How should we make decisions so as to maximize payoff?
 How should we do this when others may not go along?
 How should we do this when the payoff may be far in future?
Knowledge representation, grammar
 How does language relate to thought?
Physical substrate for mental activities
 How do brains process information?
Control theory:
Homeostatic systems, stability, optimal agent design
 How can artifacts operate under their own control?


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