What do you mean by Acting Humanly: The Turing Test Approach?

The Turing test, proposed by Alan Turing (1950) was designed to convince the people that whether a particular machine can think or not. He suggested a test based on indistinguishability from undeniably intelligent entities- human beings. The test involves an interrogator who interacts with one human and one machine. Within a given time the interrogator has to find out which of the two the human is, and which one the machine.
The computer passes the test if a human interrogator after posing some written questions, cannot tell whether the written response come from human or not.
To pass a Turing test, a computer must have following capabilities:
 Natural Language Processing: Must be able to communicate successfully in English
 Knowledge representation: To store what it knows and hears.
 Automated reasoning: Answer the Questions based on the stored information.
 Machine learning: Must be able to adapt in new circumstances.
Turing test avoid the physical interaction with human interrogator. Physical simulation of human beings is not necessary for testing the intelligence.


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