What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Probability Sampling?

Probability sampling is a method for selecting choices on a completely random basis. Commonly, probability sampling is used to ensure that the selected sample is totally random, and not subject to any controls or rigging. This system works well, as long as all rules are followed, and the system is not violated in any way.

• Advantages
The principal advantage of probability sampling is fairness, as in contests where names are selected from a box full of entry forms. A selector will reach into the box, without looking, and pluck out the winner's name. This sort of selection process guarantees that every entrant has an equal chance at winning a prize.

• Disadvantages

The disadvantage of probability sampling is the possibility of flaws to the randomness model - in other words, people may cheat the system or interfere with the innate fairness of the probability sampling system. For example, in a contest, illegal or duplicate ballots may be added to a box, weighting the odds in someone's favor.


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