What do you mean by Test Case? What are the structure of test plan? Explain with an example.


Test case has components that describes and input, action on event and a expected response to determine if a feature of an application is working correctly.

Levels of Test Case

There are four levels of test cases:
  1. Level 1: Basic test cases are from application specific
  2. Level 2: Practical stage in which writing test cases depends on actual functional and system flow of the application.
  3. Level 3: Group some test cases and write a test procedure where 0<n<=10
  4. Level 4: Automation of the project


  • Test Case Id
  • Unit to test
  • Assumptions
  •  Test data
  • Steps to be executed
  • Expected result
  • Pass/fail
  • Comments

Structure of test Plan

  1. Test plan identifier
  2. Introduction 
  3. Test item
  4. Features to be tested
  5. Features not be tested
  6. Approach
  7. Items pass/fail criteria
  8. Suspension criteria and resumption criteria
  9. Test deliverables
  10. Testing tasks
  11. Environment needs
  12. Responsibilities
  13. Schedule
  14. Risk and contingencies
  15. Approvals


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