How to increase your programming skills?

Today in this article I will be sharing how to increase your coding skills. If you are wondering how you can become good at programming, you are at the correct page. So, lets begin the count down. So, lets begin the programming tips one by one.
  1. Format the code correctly: Learn to format your code correctly. If you are using any professional IDE like eclipse, you have to learn to format code correctly. In eclipse, press CTRL  + SHIFT + F. 
  2. Ensure braces always pair up: Make sure all your code braces pair up correctly. To ensure you avoid any error, immediately close your brace as soon you begin it. Some IDE does this for you automatically. 
  3. Build programs one step at a time: Try to build your program in smaller version. Do not try to complete the software at once. Try and run something beginner version and later elaborate your code.
  4. Google like crazy: Try to GOOGLE any problem you encounter. Try to copy and paste your error in Google. Dont forget to remove the line number from the error. 
  5. Smallest working program as possible: Try to solve any problem in smallest possible code. Do not try to elaborate your code. Smaller code can be better than writing same code in longer format. 
  6. Read stack traces from the top line down: When you debug your program, try to solve the problem from top to bottom. Bottom error might be evolved from top error. 
  7. Write software that interests you: Programming is monotonous job. Try to code what interests you. 
  8. Type rather than read: When you are reading any coding tutorial, try to code, run and implement than reading or writing code into your note. 
  9. Name variables, functions, subroutines descriptively: Show professionalism in writing name of variables. Instead of writing any string variable a for Name would be less descriptive than writing "Name" as variable. 
  10. Learn to touch type: If you can code the program without looking at your keyboard, that would make you a better programmer than looking at the keyboard. 


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