Important questions of Software Engineering.

1. Differentiate between software process and software process model.
2. What are the key challenges facing in software Engineering? Explain.
3. Explain the system design process.
4. Why program are developed using evolutionary development are likely to be difficult to maintain?    Explain.
5. What is the critical distinction between a milestone and deliverable? Explain.
6. Why elicitation and analysis is a difficult process in requirement engineering process? Explain.
7. Explain the rapid prototyping techniques with example.
8. Explain the control models and its types.
9. Explain the use case diagram with example.
10. Explain the verification and validation planning.
11. Write short notes on(any two):
a) Data flow models
b) COCOMO model
c) Security assessment
12. Short notes on
a) Data flow models
b) COCOMO model
c) Security assessment.


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