How to Develop website using WordPress?

If you are planning to develop website, then WordPress comes as a better choice. Still wondering why WordPress? Have a look at Why WordPress?

To develop any website using WordPress following the steps given below:
  1. Design of the Website: The main thing that matters today is the design of the website. The appearance of the website is important in many aspects. First of all it helps to attract user attention. Secondly, good design website can be easily optimized in terms of code, layout, structure and pattern. But if you are not sure, which design is better for you, here are some to the points to keep in mind:
    •  Prototyping: See some of the website of the kinds you are trying to make. If you making website related to products in Amazon, try to hunt similar website available in the market. Then study them and try to find similarity between then. Once you come along with the design layout, structure them so that it is some how different from your competitor.
    • Consultant: There are lots of forums, blogs, chat centers that can help you decide best design for your website. Post your question, on them.
    • Choose Ready-made themes: There are hundreds of options on market. Try to see the demo of the themes. Try to find optimal design that suits for you. 
2.  Develop your website:  Here you keep track of the functionality of your website. Before you make your website live to the user, make sure, there are no broken links, make sure there are no broken images and make sure all the forms you have on the website are running.


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