Implement Tower of Hanoi Problem using C programmg with algorithm.

Tower of Hanoi problem:
Initial state:
  • There are three poles named as origin, intermediate and destination.
  • n number of different-sized disks having hole at the center is stacked around the
    origin pole in decreasing order.
  • The disks are numbered as 1, 2, 3, 4, ...................,n.
Transfer all disks from origin pole to destination pole using intermediate pole for temporary storage.
  • Move only one disk at a time.
  • Each disk must always be placed around one of the pole.
  • Never place larger disk on top of smaller disk.
    Algorithm: - To move a tower of n disks from source to dest (where n is positive integer):
    1. If n ===1:
    1.1. Move a single disk from
    source to dest.
    2. If n > 1:
    2.1. Let
    temp be the remaining pole other than source and dest.
    2.2. Move a tower of (n – 1) disks form source to temp. 2.3. Move a single disk from source to dest.
    2.4. Move a tower of (
    n – 1) disks form temp to dest.
    3. Terminate.
    Example: Recursive solution of tower of Hanoi:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    void TOH(int, char, char, char); //Function prototype void main()

    int n;
    printf(“Enter number of disks”); scanf(“%d”,&n); TOH(n,’O’,’D’,’I’);

    void TOH(int n, char A, char B, char C) {
    if(n>0) { 

    TOH(n-1, A, C, B);
    Printf(“Move disk %d from %c to%c\n”, n, A, B); TOH(n-1, C, B, A);

    } }


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