What do you mean by Communication As a Service (CaaS)?

Communications as a Service (CaaS) is an outsourced enterprise communications solution that can be
leased from a single vendor. Such communications can include voice over IP (VoIP or Internet
telephony), instant messaging (IM), collaboration and videoconference applications using fixed and
mobile devices. CaaS has evolved along the same lines as Software as a Service (SaaS).

CaaS brings social networking, cloud computing, and smartphones together, providing cloud-
technologies that let users communicate via voice, text, and rich media on whatever device they prefer
to use. To compete in this marketplace, software vendors, enterprises, and service providers must
introduce communications-enhanced services that meet a surging need for value, efficiency, cost
reduction, and convenience.

Through the hosted model, the CaaS provider manages everything, from the telecommunications
infrastructure to the software integration platform for delivering communications offered at a
guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). As a result, businesses can selectively deploy communications
features, applications, and devices on a pay-as-you-go, as-needed basis, reducing risks while eliminating
capital costs associated with new services.

CaaS offers flexibility and expandability that small and medium-sized business might not otherwise
afford, allowing for the addition of devices, modes or coverage on demand. The network capacity and
feature set can be changed from day to day if necessary so that functionality keeps pace with demand
and resources are not wasted. There is no risk of the system becoming obsolete and requiring periodic
major upgrades or replacement.  

Advantages of Communication as a Service (CaaS)

Fully Integrated Enterprise Class Unified Communication: By managing the LAN/WAN, the
vendor can guarantee consistent Quality of Service (QoS) from the desktop across the VoIP
backbone and back again. Advanced Unified Communications features such as Outlook
integration, soft phones, real-time presence, chat, multimedia conferencing, video calling,
unified messaging and mobility are also part of a standard CaaS deployment. And with CaaS, the
feature set can continue to evolve. Development and introduction of new features and
applications are faster, easier and more economical because the service provider is doing the
work for multiple end users across a scalable platform.

No Upfront Capital Expenses: Since cloud services are supposed to lower capital expenditure
and focus more on operating expenditure, by implementing CaaS, consumers can build up their
communication infrastructure without any upfront cost. They just need to pay it as a service.

Flexibility in Features: Since cloud is a multi-tenant architecture, cloud vendors have to manage
multiple customers and look after the features that they want. What this allows cloud vendor is
to add more advanced features and flexibility in their service model. Economies of scale also

mean that the service provider is not tied to a single vendor investment and can leverage best-
of-breed providers like Cisco, Microsoft and Nortel much more economically than an
independent enterprise.

No Risk of Obsolescence: Technology changes rapidly and are obsolete within few years of
introduction. With CaaS, companies are always privileged with new technologies as cloud
vendors keep on updating their equipment’s and technologies to sustain in market.
No Data Center Cost: As a prime advantages of cloud computing, while using CaaS
infrastructure, organization need not invest on expensive servers, cooling system and electric
equipment. With monthly/ yearly recurring cost, organization can dramatically cut down the
management cost of data center as well.

Guaranteed Business Continuity: With CaaS, organization can be hugely benefitted with
guaranteed business continuity as cloud service providers proactively plans for Business
Continuity Planning for their customers. Service uptime is guaranteed even if any catastrophic
disaster strikes. 


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