What do you understand by RSA algorithm? Explain various steps of RSA algorithm with suitable example?

RSA Algorithm:- RSA algorithm was developed by (Rivert, Shameer and adlmen). This is an important encryption algorithm. The encryption-decryption process is not reversible, that is decryption process is not simply reverse set of actions that of encryption.

Following are the steps of the RSA algorithm:-
1.     Select two prime numbers p & q (relatively large).
2.     Calculate z = (p-1) X (q-1)  and n = p X q
3.     Select a number d that must relatively prime to z.
4.     Find out one e such that (e X d) % z = 1
5.     Now d will work as decryption key and e as encryption key.
6.     To encrypt Plain Text character P into encrypted character C, use formula
C = Pe%n
7.     To decrypt encrypted text character C into plain text character P, use formula
P = Cd%n


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