Differentiate between MAC address and IPV4 address.


    1. It is physical address, unique and unchangeable once assigned.  
    2. It is layer two addressing protocol.
    3. It is represented in hexadecimal .  Eg: 8E: 5B: 10: AA: 2E: 55
    4. It is 6 bytes long that is 2^48 Mac addresses are available.
    5. MAC address is assigned by producers and bound to hardware .
    6. IP Addresses are systematically distributed worldwide by IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority), so that END-TO-END locations can be easily find out by routers.


    1. It is logical address, unique globally except private address and changeable.
    2. It is layer three addressing protocol.
    3. It is represented in binary but dotted decimal notation is used for human ease of calculation. Eg:
    4. It is 4 bytes long that is 2^32 IP addresses are available.
    5. IP address is assigned by network admins.
    6. MAC addresses are not distributed systematically because MAC addresses are assigned to our LAN    card when it is manufactured by some vendors. 


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