Operating System important questions.

1. What is multiprogramming?
2. List the objectives of an operating system.
3. What is interprocess communication?
4. What is critical section?
5. What is the difference between page and segment?
6. What is demand cleaning?
7. What is the difference between preemptive and nonpreemptive scheduling?
8. What is interrupt driven I/O?
9. Define seek time and rotational delay.
10. List the advantages of process migration.
11. List the three methods of record blocking.
12. How do determine whether a users identity is authentic?
13. Explain the various operating system services.
14. Briefly explain any five criteria for process scheduling.
15. Discuss about semaphores and monitors.
16. Explain the different address translation mechanism in paging.
17. Explain about disk free space management.
18. Discuss about I/O buffering.
19. Explain Access Matrix with an illustration.
20. Describe the different operating system structures.
21. Discuss about any five scheduling algorithms in a uniprocessor environment.
22. Explain about Deadlock detection and Recovery.
23. Describe the different file allocation methods.
24. Explain any four page replacement schemes in detail.
25. Explain any two disk scheduling policies.


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