Important Questions of Internet Technology

Internet Technology
1.     What do you mean by Network infrastructure? Explain with suitable example.
2.     What do you mean by Internet? Explain its history in brief.
3.     Explain the terms domain, domain name system, marine cables, teleports, terrestrial links and satellite with example.
4.     How does TCIP/IP differ from OSI?
5.     Compare and Contrast IPV4 and IPV6.
6.     Explain header structures of IPV4 and IPV6.
7.     What do you mean by RFC? Explain its importance.
8.     What do you mean by POP? How does it differ from SMTP?
9.     Explain N-tiered client/server architecture with example.
10.  What do you mean by HTTP? Explain its headers and characteristics.
11.  What is AJAX? Explain its working and importance.
12.  Explain browser as rendering engine.
13.  What are the steps required to configure Internet servers? Explain with any example.
14.  Differentiate among Internet, Intranet and Extranet.
15.  Explain the concept of VPN.
16.  Why is UMS important? What are its features and importance’s?
17.  Explain the working of VOIP?
18.  What is IRC? Why is it required? What are its pro and cons?
19.  What do you mean by e-commerce? What are its types? Explain with examples.
20.  What do you mean by grid computing? How does it differ from Cloud computing?
21.  What do you mean by cloud computing? What are its characteristics? List the servicers offered by cloud computing.
22.  What do you mean by CMS? Why is it required? Explain its advantage and disadvantages.
23.  What do you mean by data warehouse? Explain its architecture.
24.  What do you mean by data mining? Explain its methods.
25.  Explain why data center is important.
26.  Write down the Intranet implementations guidelines. 
27. What do you mean by Satellite Communication? Define Satellite link.
28. What do you understand by URL naming convention? Explain its parts. 


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