Some important questions related to Advance Java Programming.

1.     What do you mean by Java architecture? Explain with block diagram.
2.      What do you mean by Java Interfaces? Explain its importance.
3.      What do you mean by exception handling? How is it done in JAVA?
4.      Explain the concepts of inheritance in JAVA.
5.     Explain file system concept in JAVA.
6.     What do you mean by event handling? Explain in detail about event handling.
7.     What do you mean by JDBC? What are its types? Explain uses of JDBC.
8.     Differentiate between TCP and UDP. Explain network class in JDK.
9.     What do you mean by Sockets? Explain TCP sockets and UDP sockets.
10.  What do you mean by JAVA beans? How do we create beans in JAVA?
11.   What is servlets? Explain its life cycle.
12.  What are the advantages of JSP?  Explain JSP architecture.
13.  Write a Chat application program in JAVA.
14.  Write RMI program to add, multiply two numbers.
15.  What is RMI? Explain its architecture.
16.  What is CORBA? Explain its architecture and functions.


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