Important questions related to Advanced Database Mangement System.

1.     What do you mean by database? What are different types of database? Write its advantages and disadvantages over file systems?
2.     What do you understand by Concurrency Control? Explain with example.
3.     What is transaction in database? Explain properties of transaction. Explain several states of transaction with a suitable block diagram.
4.     What do you mean by Performance Tuning in database? Write its detailed procedures for performance tuning.
5.     What do you understand by distributed relational model? How does it differ from relational model?
6.     What are the database security considerations? Explain with suitable examples.
7.     Differentiate between user defined abstract data types and structured types. How does super classes and sub classes different?
8.     Explain specialization and generalization with suitable examples.
9.     What do you mean by active database? Explain its characteristics.
10. Explain the concept of temporal database.
11.  What do you mean by spatial database? Explain its concepts, architecture and importance. 
12.  What do you mean by query processing? Explain query optimization methods with suitable examples.
13. What is GIS? Explain its importance, examples and advantages.
14.  What is data warehouse? Explain its characteristics and architecture.
15.  What do you mean by data mining? How is it useful in real world? What are the steps involved in data mining?
16. What do you mean by multimedia database? What are the types of data involved in multimedia database?
17.  Differentiate between object oriented database concepts and object relational database concepts.
18. What do you mean by Web Services? Explain the importance of XML with examples.
19.  What do you understand by mobile database? Explain mobile architecture with examples.
20.  What do you understand by transient data and persistent data? Explain with example.


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