Some important questions related to Dabase Administration

1.     What do you mean by database architecture? Explain.
2.     What do you understand by database independence?
3.     Why is SQL plus popular? Explain its use with example.
4.     What do you mean by Redo Log files? How do we mange and monitor redo log files?
5.     What do you mean by backup, recovery and restoring of database? How do we enforce security in database?
6.     Explain what is view.  List its importance and characteristics.
7.     What is database corruption? Explain its causes and remedies.
8.     Explain steps required for RMAN.
9.     What is performance tuning? Explain its steps.
10.  What are performance-tuning reports? Explain with example.
11.  What is trigger? How is it created and why is it important? Explain with an example.
12. Explain parallel instance recovery.
13.  What do you mean by VPD? Why is it required?
14.  Describe the oracle architecture.
15.  What are the types of SQL?
16.  What are the roles and responsibilities of DBA?
17.  What is control file? Why is it important?
18.  What is ASM?
19.  What do you mean by auditing?
20.  Describe backup and recovery strategies.


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