What are the differences between Cloud and Grid Computing?

 The differences between Cloud and Grid computing are listed below:

1. Cloud computing normally runs in a set of homogeneous computers, but Grid, on the other hand, runs on heterogeneous computers.

 2. Grid computing is normally focused on an intensive calculus, while Cloud Computing offers two types of calculuses: standard and intensive.

3. Grid computing is open-source while Cloud Computing is not.[7]. This creates interoperatibility problems between today’s Clouds.

4. Most Grids use a batch-scheduled compute model, while in Cloud Computing all users share all the resources at the same time. And this is why latency sensitive applications, which could run in Grids, could no be supported in Cloud Computing.

5. Grids do not rely on virtualization as much as Cloud does.

6. Cloud Computing does not support as much provenance as Grid does[4], which is a “derivation history of a data product, including all the data sources, intermediate data products,and the procedures that were applied to produce the data product”.

7. High Performance computing is better supported in Grid computing than in Cloud Computing.

8. Grid is distributed, has multiple research user communities (including users accessing resources from varied administration domains) and is grouped in Virtual Organisations. Cloud Computing, on the other hand, usually has only one research community and a common group of system administrators that take care of the entire Cloud.

9. Grid is mostly publicly funded at local, national and international levels, while Cloud Computing is funded mainly by its users

10. Grid computing, must share user and resource inter- faces to allow providers to connect their resources, while Cloud Computing attempts to share only the user interface while the resources interfaces are hidden and given in an abstract way.

11. In Grid computing, the trust model is based on identity delegation, where users can access and browse resources,which are not highly abstracted and virtualized at different Grid sites. In Cloud computing resources are abstracted and virtualized and this trust model does not exist since everything is inside the same Cloud.

12. While in Grid computing, storing very small files (e.g.1-byte files) is not economically suitable, in CloudComputin it is.


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