What do you mean by WBS? Why do we need to create Work Breakdown Structure?

Defining WBS:
 Work breakdown structure means breaking down of a work into individual components on the basis of priorities and coherent sequences so that each slice of work can be handled by different individual at different instant of time.

  • It helps to easily identify the priorities of task.
  • WBS contains no overlapping activities. 
  • When activities are identified they are added to the branch if related else added as new task.
  • It helps to present project structure.
Example of Work Breakdown Structure

Reasons for creating WBS:

  • Assists with accurate project organization
  • Helps with assigning responisiblites
  • Shows the control points and project milestoens
  • Allows for more accurate estimation of cost, risk and time. 
  • Helps explain the project scope to stakeholders
A WBS diagram expressed the project scope in simple graphic terms. The diagream starats with a single box or other graphic at the top to represent the entire project. The project is then divided into main, or disparate compoinets, with related ctivities listed under them. Generally, the upper components are the deliverable and the lower level elements are the activities that create the deliverables. One common view is a Gantt Chart. 


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