What is Quality Assurance? What are its purposes?

Quality Assurance is based on finding the flaws on the products and reporting to right people so that they can fix it. QA includes management of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components, services related to production, and management, production and inspection processes.

Quality Assurance or Quality Assurance Tester is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivered to customer.

QA ensures:
  • ensures quality in work
  • acitivites are effective
  • software or products meet the requirements

Principle of QA

There are two major principle of QA:
  1. Fit for purpose: Products should be suitable for intended products
  2. Right first time:  Mistakes should be eliminated


There are different versions of I-phones, making sure, each version is better than earlier version and making sure, any  new application works according to requirements,  etc are some of the works of QA. 
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Customer product acceptance Testing
  •  Beta Testing etc


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