Explain different Context For Software Architecture.

Software Architectures exist in four different contexts:
  • Technical - What technical role does the software architecture play in the system or systems of which it's a part? The technical context includes the achievement of quality attribute requirements, as well as current technology (cloud, mobile computing etc.). 
  • Project life cycle - How does a software architecture relate to the other phases of a software development life cycle?

  • Business - How does the presence of a software architecture affect an organization's business environment? The system created must satisfy the business goals of a wide variety of stakeholders, each of whom has different expectations for the system.

  • Professional - What is the role of a software architect in an organization or a development project? You must have certain skills and knowledge to be an architect, and there are certain duties that you must perform as an architect. These are influenced not only by coursework and reading, but also by your experiences.


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