Why is software Architecture Important?

Software Architecture is important because of following reasons:
  1. An architecture will inhibit or enable a system's driving quality attributes.
  2. The decisions made in an architecture allow you to reason about and manage change as the system evolves.
  3. The analysis of an architecture enables early prediction of a system's qualities.
  4. A documented architecture enhances communication among stakeholders.
  5. The architecture is a carrier of the earliest and hence most fundamental, hardest-to-change design decisions.
  6. An architecture defines a set of constraints on subsequent implementation.
  7. The architecture dictates the structure of an organization, or vice versa.
  8. An architecture can provide the basis for evolutionary prototyping.
  9. An architecture is the key artifact that allows the architect and project manager to reason a
  10. bout cost and schedule.
  11. An architecture can be created as a transferable, reusable model that forms the heart of a product line.
  12. Architecture-based development focuses attention on the assembly of components, rather than simply on their creation.
  13. By restricting design alternatives, architecture channels the creativity of developers, reducing design and system complexity.
  14. An architecture can be the foundation for training a new team member.


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